Plan G – Weekend 2

Clearly, I’m watching too much “It’s a brad brad world” given my poc (pop of color). safety green socks!

We created our own version of “weekend warriors” with the demo of the garage + concrete driveway / slab. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a project going… projects are incredibly stressful and rewarding at the same time. Stressful from the “oh crap, it’s saturday morning and we’re breaking concrete.” … Rewarding to see a plan in the making. “Regret or sacrifice”. Here’s the latest from the weekend.

Plan G – Weekend 1

Tower? nope. Kitchen? negative. We are, however, moving forward with a new garage! We’re planning to use part of the retaining wall for the new garage to save money. We made a fair amount of progress waterproofing the retaining wall this weekend. The existing garage will be demo’d this week with the help of Dustin. I spent all weekend sorting thru boxes we haven’t opened since buying the house. I find it difficult to determine what’s a keeper and what’s not.

2 coats of Vulkem was applied. We also used a j-drain swd drainage mat to avoid back-filling with gravel. purchased at sunshine supply.

Tools of the trade.

Ho, Ho, Uh Oh

Well, same place, different time. Do we ever leave our living room? Yes. On occasion for brief periods of time. The boys are starting to scoot around a bit.. milo in circles, hudson military-style. We used paper culture to send our holiday cards…super nice, well-designed service IMO. happy holidays!

boys in their hoods

Hard to believe the boys are already 6 months old! Latest pics. We’ve been working on a spectrum of concepts for a future remodel that would get us another bathroom + larger kitchen + storage area. Zoning + site conditions are making it tricky. In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying pinterest (when not in a 502 error state).

Cable Install

I made my escape and headed to Brian’s on Saturday to construct the cable assemblies for the inside handrail. We used roughly 110′ of 3/16″ cable, 20 swag studs, and 20 Invisiware receivers.

I am diggin the clean look of the Invisiware receivers. I spaced on taking the full-shot. 1 section down, 4 more to go! Many thanks to Brian for all the help!