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Update: cool press here and here on lindsey. very nice implementation at the brick house. thanks for the link and image lindsey!

The backsplash was installed. sandblasted starphire glass. the table was moved in so we could sort where to install the ‘you make it’ via lindsey adelman. a few years back, we featured butter when we had nest. gary turned me onto butter.

matt helped me patina the fixture to help achieve the vintage look i was after.

pretty cool feeling when something works as designed.

more info about the ‘you make it’ fixture at lindsey adelman


  1. cathy


    It works so well with your space, especially the patina finish!
    How did you attached the stem to the ceiling with no canopy? Was it a particular plaster-in plate? Can you let me know where to get it?


  2. admin (Author)

    cool cathy… i purchased an elbow joint and additional 12″ brass tube to slot thru a 2×4 that spans the ceiling joists in the attic. the threaded tube connects a lock washer & nut… hardwired to a box.

  3. Curious what your table is… Love it!

  4. admin (Author)

    the table is based on the Fabian from e15. I made this table from a number of solid walnut scraps…. planed… held in place with a couple wood plinths and glued together… I had it professionally sprayed with conversion varnish. hope that helps! thx for the feedback.

  5. chris

    Where did you get the Eames chairs? Are they vintage or new? They look great in the space.

  6. Justin (Author)

    thanks — 3 are early editions. 1 is relatively new but sourced from a vintage shop in san diego. a few shops will have them in from time to time. boomerang for modern, klassik and mid-century modern.

  7. Stacy

    I just love your floors in the kitchen. Can you tell me the name of the finish and manufacturer? Thank you so much! Your house is amazing, such great inspiration.

  8. Justin (Author)

    thank you! after many many tests on a freshly sanded area of the floor, we ended up using WoCa wood lye from Denmark… sealed using Bona Naturale … it’s supa matte for that unfinished, natural look. maintenance has been relatively easy, good so far. hope that helps!

  9. Billy

    I love the adelman chandelier, but am having huge problems with wiring! i’ve done it twice, once with the 26 gauge (which is completely counter to advice from electricians), and again with 20 gauge (very tight squeeze, especially in those swivel joints). Both times i had it working on the table, but once i mounted it, it shorted out. i think it’s just so easy for the insulation to get scraped by all those sharp edges, or for the wire to get twisted when you make adjustments (i was very careful to avoid twisting on my second try)… after many long hours, i’m about to throw in the towel. unless someone has advice on this. did you use 26 gauge?

  10. Justin (Author)

    Yea, I followed the directions and used what the instructions outlined. What did the piece look like when you took it apart? Did you see cuts in the wire?

  11. Billy

    We’ve tried this several times now, and yes, a couple of times we found that the insulation had been scraped off. I’m going to try it again with better wire (the 20 gauge we’ve been using doesn’t have the best insulation). thanks!

  12. Maureen

    How did you alter the instructions to ceiling mount the fixture? I love how it turned out!!!

  13. Justin (Author)

    we have an attic… we added an elbow from the fixture that attached to a 12″ threaded rod. went up to the attic, blocked out the joists using a 2×4. we drilled a hole thru the block and ceiling slightly larger than the diameter of the rod… slide the fixture thru and added a washer / lock-nut.

  14. Maureen

    What instructions did your friend Matt give you to Patina the brass so well?

  15. I agree with everyone – this kitchen is simply gorgeous! I’m strongly considering the DIY Adelman as well, but am curious if you remember what the cost ended up being after all was said and done?

    Thank you!

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